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I have had back pain for several years now and have been doing physical therapy on and off. I have gone at least 2 stretch bands and this is my third. It’s certainly durable and has considerable strength, great for the stretches I was told to do. It’s longer than my previous stretch bands too!
Only suggestion: probably best to have less girly colours for others who are fuzzy about it.

Roceliz Reinheimer

I would highly recommend the Pure Stretch resistance band to anyone looking for a band for any activity. I am so happy with resistance band! I ordered pink, and the color came exactly as shown. I love how professional the black JeBallet logo looks standing out against the pink band, and everyone at my yoga class compliments me on it as well! For the price, the quality of this product is a steal! So far this resistance band has been long enough to do all of my favorite workouts, and I can’t imagine ever needing anything longer. Besides yoga, I use the resistance band for gym workouts and dance class. After this initial purchase, I will definitely be purchasing from this company again!

Sarah M

LOVE it. I ordered this to help me with Physical Therapy exercises and WOW. Highly recommend!!!

Kay Leigh

I am 100% sure these are the best stretch bands I have tried. No matter how much I stretch them they always return to their original form. They’re easy to grip and long enough that it has replaced all of my other bands. I would totally recommend to dancers and gymnasts and anyone wanting to add stretch bands to their exercise regimen.

Emilia Pond